Aggregator Consumer Clouds – could Carriers do an OTT play on the OTT players?

As the big players in Consumer Cloud offers offer greater and greater storage, the barrier to entry for a new player becomes increasing high. This means not only significant investment in setting up a white label solution, but substantial investment in storage costs also.  Furthermore, most users today seem to have multiple cloud accounts.

But what if the carrier does an OTT play on the OTT players themselves: offer an aggregated solution where the consumer can add all their individual accounts, but have them all centrally managed and curated by the aggregating service. This means a reduced cost for the carrier, while delivering substantial stickiness. Of course the challenge is to identify what Value Add/ Curation services could be offered….. think what EverPix were trying to do.

This concept is not of course limited to a B2B2C offer, it could be pitched equally as a D2C offer, but I think this could be an additional market for the service